Launching TEDxYouth@Brum

In 2013 Amerah Saleh and Jaden Larker performed at #MarkingtheMap. In 2014 Anisa Haghdadi hosted DIY and then went on to speak at #PowerOfUs in 2016. Over the years so many incredible young people have been part of growing and making TEDxBrum a reality by igniting our teams, community, stages and of course this city, and these relationships have been crucial to inspiring this awesome new announcement.

This year it has been exciting to think, along with many of the community, how to expand the TEDxBrum platform beyond an annual event for the city. After liaising with global TED / TEDx teams to understanding what we could do with the current TEDxBrum license and lots of plotting and planning, we are very excited to announce that this year alongside TEDxBrum - 5 years on - there will be a brand new TEDxYouth@Brum event taking place on Wednesday 11th October 2017 at The Patrick Centre, Birmingham Hippodrome.

You can find out more about the TEDxYouth@Brum theme of Courage here and read a little more about the story behind the event directly from the curator of TEDxYouth@Brum, Anisa Haghdadi on their blog.

Lots of you have been asking what's the difference between TEDxBrum and TEDxYouth@Brum?

Events as part of the TEDxYouth Initiative are designed to empower and inspire young people, and TEDxYouth@Brum is an independently organised TEDxYouth event packed with ideas worth spreading. The current license for TEDxBrum is held by Immy Kaur, and the same team have held this for the last five years. TEDxBrum will be on Sunday 15th October. You can read more about the TEDxBrum theme of Perspectives here and purchase tickets here. The TEDxYouth@Brum license has been awarded to us this year, and Immy is co-licensing the event with TEDxYouth@Brum curator Anisa Haghdadi.

So how does it affect you? It doesn't; this is an exciting expansion of the TEDxBrum community, led by young people for young people. We are excited to use a little ounce of our experience to support the team as we experiment with what happens as we grow together, and couldn't be more excited for them to launch today.

To find out more and keep up to date with all things TEDxYouth@Brum please visit: and follow @TEDxYouthBrum on twitter.

TEDxBrum Speed Pitch Sessions

DZ 13442541_1055127487895543_1529873743795634244_o.jpg

We are mega excited about the progress we’re making with this year’s event at Birmingham Hippodrome on Sunday 15th October 2017 as we prepare for the biggest TEDx the city has ever seen. This year, TEDxBrum is all about sharing perspectives. If you think your perspective needs to be heard on our stage this year, we are holding an open call for you to pitch your talk for consideration as a speaker at this year's event. As TED puts it, we are looking for ideas worth sharing, or - for TEDxBrum 2017 - perspectives worth sharing.

If you are interested in being a speaker at TEDxBrum 2017 and you feel that you are able to provide a unique insight that we would otherwise miss, we are holding a speed pitch event just for you.


Event: TEDxBrum Speaker Speed Pitching Event

Date: Monday 14th August 2017

Time: 7pm - 9pm

Location: Impact Hub Birmingham, Walker Building, 58 Oxford Street, Digbeth, Birmingham B5 5NR

Pitch Guidelines
We ask you to explain your idea in 60 seconds, and if we are intrigued we will invite you along to discuss it further. You’ll also get the opportunity to find out more about TEDxBrum 2017 and hear some of the other ideas too. We already have over 100 nominations and a large shortlist, so unfortunately we can't meet everyone individually, but would like to hear from anyone interested in nominating themselves or a friend on the night. If you are interested in coming to our speed pitch event, please register your details below.

Name *

Thank you for your interest in TEDxBrum 2017 and we look forward to seeing you on Monday 14th August.

Or, if you'd rather sit in the audience and enjoy this year's talks from the comfort of one of Hippodrome's 1700 squishy red seats, book your ticket now!

All of Birmingham: TEDxBrum Outreach

TEDxBrum was created with the city of Birmingham at its heart and the people of Birmingham firmly in mind. That’s why we named it Brum (not just because Alabama had already claimed TEDxBirmingham..!)

Every year we share TEDxBrum with an incredible audience, and this year we’re excited to be able to invite more people than ever before to join us in experiencing the spark of excitement that comes from engaging with ideas we may have never otherwise encountered. But every year, we know there are so many people in Birmingham that aren't part of the conversation. There are people from a range of backgrounds and different areas who we don’t connect with via our usual channels, who don't hear that they are invited. There are people who may love to be at TEDxBrum but simply never make it there, for so many reasons.

Our work so far has taught us that simply providing free scholarship tickets isn’t enough to create an audience that is reflective of our city. This year, we’re excited to build a dedicated community programme to reach out to those we haven’t yet brought in on the journey. We’re investing time and energy into crafting a co-ordinated range of activity that starts making connections from the beginning, and whose ideas and intentions shape and permeate the spirit of this year's TEDxBrum; this needs to be a two way conversation.

Wouldn’t it be incredible if an elderly Indian lady unlocked a treasure trove of talks in Hindi language that she had never known existed? Wouldn’t it be fantastic if a young QTIPOC found Suriya Aisha’s talk from last year’s TEDxBrum, and realised they weren’t alone? Wouldn’t it be remarkable if we could use this opportunity to bring TED to completely new audiences, and maybe spark that excitement and motivation we may have felt when we first found TED talks? 

This year, TEDxBrum is about sharing perspectives. Yes, our speakers will help us explore and embrace their perspectives and different schools of thought, but to really start a conversation and truly relate to each other we need to gather the widest range of perspectives to hear what everyone has to say.

As Devita Davison taught us last year: nothing about us, without us, is for us

If we want to be a TEDx for Birmingham, it has to be with Birmingham. All of Birmingham.


So, what’s the plan? Over the next few months we will be building an Outreach Team who will work to engage with as many community groups and schools as possible. We will deliver a programme of workshops and presentations that explore the theme of perspectives and shine a light on ideas worth spreading. But we need your help to do this.

Could we work with you in your school or community?
Do you know an amazing group that haven't engaged with TEDxBrum before?

Nominate a community group or school here.

Would you like to deliver a presentation or facilitate a workshop?

We’d love to hear from you! You don’t need any prior experience: all you need is bags of enthusiasm, and the ability to share it. We also ask that you can commit to attending one training session on Thursday 17th August at 6.30pm - 8.30pm and facilitating at least two workshops or presentations in August and/or September. We’ll do our best to match you with your community groups at a time that works for you both. Training evenings will take place at Impact Hub Birmingham, 58 Oxford Street, Birmingham, B5 5NY.

Sign up to be a Community Champion here.

Want to be involved, but not sure if delivering presentations and workshops are for you? Don’t worry, there will be plenty of other opportunities to get involved, just keep an eye on the website and TEDxBrum's social media channels at @TEDxBrum on twitter and

Anneka Deva & Natalie Howard
TEDxBrum Outreach Team

TEDxBrum 2017 Ticket Launch

TEDxBrum TICKETS 2 dots.jpg

We're very excited to announce that tickets for TEDxBrum 2017 will go on sale from our ticket page on Monday 17 July at 11am. So save the link, join us in oscillating gently with anticipation and get ready to flex those fingers!

Your ticket for TEDxBrum Perspectives will unlock a full day of world class talks and performances, workshops and an incredible body of passionate people to meet and connect with.

All tickets include lunch, tea & coffee and snacks throughout the day to fuel your ideas and those all important conversations. Please get in touch with us at to tell us about any special dietary requirements so we can tailor your experience.

Here’s everything you need to know about this year's ticket types for TEDxBrum - Perspectives:


Get on your marks, as the super earlybird gets the £25 ticket worm! Start warming up those digits now as these tickets are strictly limited, and will get you all the benefits of our standard tickets, just with a cheeky discount for being ahead of the curve.


Once the super earlybird tickets are gone, there’s still chance to be part of the TEDxBrum 2017 story with a £5 discount off full price. We look forward to having your forward-thinking perspective with us on the day.


There’s nothing standard about TEDxBrum, but once the earlybird passes have been snapped up these tickets are your sure fire pass to all that the TEDxBrum has to offer.


This year we will also be doing a whole bunch of activities in an effort to make TEDxBrum more accessible to people in our community who would not ordinarily get the chance to be a part of this experience. This will include a number of discounted tickets. More info about this can be found in our special outreach blog soon.

We can’t wait to welcome you to the day itself on Sunday 15th October, but in the meantime keep your keen eyes out for announcements. Follow us twitter and facebook to stay up to date with the latest news!

Impossible Perspectives - A TEDxBrum Brand Story

Current Perspective: 1am, approx 1 month after TEDxBrum 2017 brand launch.

It was a pleasure to work alongside designer Helen Page for last year's TEDxBrum brand interpreting the #PowerOfUs theme, with myself illustrating colourful pencil portraits of the speakers and performers as part of a big, bright and bold design scheme by Helen that mirrored the event's ambition and message.

Taking the TEDxBrum story forward into its next chapter this year has felt like a response to and build upon last year's hope and verve, with perhaps a more complex and nuanced feeling this time; a definite sensation of paradox, of new dreams vs. old habits; of a simultaneous softness and strength. For me this not only reflects the shifts we see in the world, as Immy outlines in this year's Note from the Curator, but also the evolution of my role in the team, and more personally as a creative; perhaps taking a bold leap, gently.


The process began with exploring what perspectives meant to the TEDxBrum team, sharing thoughts, keywords, doodles and quotes to inform and begin to steer the theme content and visual identity. Here are some of the key influencing points and statements from this session that fed into the final brand concept:

Multiple perspectives
Fact / fiction

"Instead of saying no viewpoint is valid or all viewpoints are valid,

we learn more about reality by sharing perspectives." 

Individual, collective

Nuanced, subtlety
Not polarised

"We are unable to change if we cannot find ourselves in a new version of the world."

TEDxBrum Perspectives Concepts-1.jpg

After digesting and exploring all the ideas, I presented two concepts to the team, one of which centred around the idea of impossibility. The letterforms showed multiple perspectives of each letter incorporated together, and would be impossible to build as solid forms, in the same way as M. C. Esher's staircases.

Esher's work features mathematical objects and operations including explorations of infinity, reflection, symmetry, perspective, truncated and stellated polyhedra, hyperbolic geometry, tessellations, and impossible objects, and I was interested in the fact that such objects are of interest to psychologists, mathematicians, and artists like Esher, without falling entirely into any one discipline or context.

This notion encapsulated a lot of the team's thinking around bringing disparate ideas and discourses together, and for me this typography very deliberately represents a strong message: that when different perspectives come together they can make what was previously thought to be impossible into a new reality. 

With nods to the isometric blocks of the #PowerOfUs type, I knew it was important to evolve the colour scheme away from such bold primary colours and into a more subtle palette, this also mirroring the group's points around nuance / rejection of polarisation. I'd long been interested in the colour pink, which has a rich history, particularly representative of the importance of perspective in its arbitrary transition from a colour associated with boys to now, largely with girls. "The generally accepted rule is pink for the boys, and blue for the girls. The reason is that pink, being a more decided and stronger color, is more suitable for the boy, while blue, which is more delicate and dainty, is prettier for the girl." - Earnshaw’s Infants’ Department, 1918.

A light 'blush' shade like this is also commonly associated with skin, but naturally that draws from the dominant narrative around whiteness, something I explored in the multi-toned branding for PMT Festival. The type variants represent our ability to see the same things very differently to one another, an important reminder of how who we are and the experiences we have held shape our view of the world we live in.

All of this thinking feeds into the resulting brand identity for this year's event, and now that the theme and brand are out in the world, it's our job to push, pull and apply it to lots of different contexts, and keep exploring visually and philosophically what the concept means to you, us, and the city we call home.

Louise Byng, TEDxBrum Brand Lead


We'd love to know what you think, so feel free to drop ideas or feedback into the comment box below, or give us a tweet at @TEDxBrum! To find out more about this year's theme, just head over to our main page here.