Get More Out of TEDxBrum 2016

Every year since TEDxBrum began, we have received feedback that you wanted more; that one day was just not enough. This year Impact Hub Birmingham have responded, designing an open festival to explore and unleash the themes from TEDxBrum. City Camp Birmingham festival runs from Tuesday 31st May - Saturday 18th June and invites you to find out more about making change in the city, have dinner with TEDxBrum speakers, attend workshops and so much more. You can explore the festival in full at, but here is a roundup of the top ten events you may be interested in, in and around TEDxBrum, curated by Immy Kaur. Please note sign up is crucial as all events are hosted in small intimate settings.


Taking Power Back
Monday 6th June, 12.30pm

Join Simon Parker for lunch to discuss themes around his recent book ‘Taking Power Back’, followed by a Q + A. 
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Participatory Economy
Wednesday 8th June, 7pm

Simon Willis will explore ‘why we need a participatory economy, not just a participatory society’ over an informal dinner. Book your place for free:

Birmingham SOUP
Thursday 9th June, 7pm

Birmingham Soup, whose founder Amy Martin will be speaking at TEDxBrum 2016, is a microfunding dinner supporting creative and community projects in Birmingham. Register to attend here:

Friday 10th June, 12pm

Sacha Romanovitch invites you to talk about a Vibrant Economy over lunch and answer any questions you may have. Sign up here:

Basic Income
Friday 10th June
& Sunday 12th June
Everywhere you look, cities are experimenting with understand what the idea of the Universal Basic Income might mean. Nesta, Unison WM & Project 00 come together to dig a bit deeper and explore the idea prior to Anthony Painter’s talk at TEDxBrum.
Join the discussion: or explore Basic Income for Birmingham:

Big Lunch Digbeth
Sunday 12th June, 1pm

The ideas are going to be bursting and the excitement high after TEDxBrum, but you'll probably be a tad tired too. Come and reconnect and recharge in a relaxed environment at The Big Lunch, Digbeth and bread bread with local neighbours and colleagues. [Watch this space for workshop with Devita Davison on the Detroit Food Lab straight afterwards too]
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The Good Lab & #upfront
Sunday 12th June & Monday 13th June
Lauren Currie hosts a dinner, workshop & a lunch on her projects the Good Lab & #upfront.
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Tuesday 14th June

Amy Martin talks #RadicalChildcare with a family friendly stay and play, and then is joined for an informal dinner by a range of keynote speakers that she has curated. Sign up here at &

If You Build It & Urban Experiments
Wednesday 15th June & Friday 17th June
If you are someone who really wants to get their hands dirty and build an idea, join a group of innovative practitioners from across Europe for a hack day exploring how we can create spaces we enjoy, admire and play in. We will also be screening If You Build It, which offers a  hopeful vision for a new kind of classroom in which students learn the tools to design their own futures.
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BAME Organ Donation
Friday 17th June, 7pm

Ever fancied dinner with a Nobel Prize nominee? Well now's your chance! Adnan Sharif will dive deeper into some of the ideas and urgent action needed from his TEDxBrum talk. Take your place amongst this important work:

This is just some of what’s coming across @TEDxBrum, #PowerOfUs and @CityCampBrum, so we invite you to stay up to date as more exciting updates and sessions are added, or even better - pitch your own.

You can also book a special City Camp Day Pass, granting access to both work from and enjoy City Camp content at Impact Hub Birmingham. Usually priced at £15, they are offering limited number of free and reduced price day passes for each day of City Camp via eventbrite, offering super fast WiFi, top notch tea & coffee at our on-site café and a chance to experience the community.