The Creative #PowerOfUs - Part 3

Last month we asked creatives to submit pieces inspired by this years TEDxBrum theme - the #PowerOfUs. Here are our final selection of entries by some of Birmingham's creative talent.

Below: Convivencia. Pencil and watercolour on paper.


'Convivencia' is the Spanish term for co-existence, and is the name given to the period of rule in Spain in the early eighth century under governance of the Umayyad Muslims, up until the forced expulsion of the Muslims and Jews in 1492. Like the lines in the painting, things weren't perfect, but it has been widely claimed that the Christians, Muslims and Jews lived and prospered together in Andalucia, southern Spain. Great advances were made in music, literature, the sciences, architecture and cross cultural education. The pattern drawn is from the Alhambra in Granada. 

Although it's a complicated pattern with many steps, the progression shows how the intersections of lines and circles can build something worthwhile. That with the principles of harmony, symmetry and balance, things may go wrong, and they may not always be accurate, but we could end up with something quite beautiful.

by Shaheen Kasmani

We love Shaheen's work, check her out at: 

This interconnected #PowerOfUs piece is by Sabah Nazir. Connect with her on twitter at @_sabah_nazir & @FutureEngineer_

A HUGE thank you to all the amazing creatives who took time to submi to the brief, we've loved sharing your interpretations.

Stay creative Birmingham,
TEDxBrum Team