All of Birmingham: TEDxBrum Outreach

TEDxBrum was created with the city of Birmingham at its heart and the people of Birmingham firmly in mind. That’s why we named it Brum (not just because Alabama had already claimed TEDxBirmingham..!)

Every year we share TEDxBrum with an incredible audience, and this year we’re excited to be able to invite more people than ever before to join us in experiencing the spark of excitement that comes from engaging with ideas we may have never otherwise encountered. But every year, we know there are so many people in Birmingham that aren't part of the conversation. There are people from a range of backgrounds and different areas who we don’t connect with via our usual channels, who don't hear that they are invited. There are people who may love to be at TEDxBrum but simply never make it there, for so many reasons.

Our work so far has taught us that simply providing free scholarship tickets isn’t enough to create an audience that is reflective of our city. This year, we’re excited to build a dedicated community programme to reach out to those we haven’t yet brought in on the journey. We’re investing time and energy into crafting a co-ordinated range of activity that starts making connections from the beginning, and whose ideas and intentions shape and permeate the spirit of this year's TEDxBrum; this needs to be a two way conversation.

Wouldn’t it be incredible if an elderly Indian lady unlocked a treasure trove of talks in Hindi language that she had never known existed? Wouldn’t it be fantastic if a young QTIPOC found Suriya Aisha’s talk from last year’s TEDxBrum, and realised they weren’t alone? Wouldn’t it be remarkable if we could use this opportunity to bring TED to completely new audiences, and maybe spark that excitement and motivation we may have felt when we first found TED talks? 

This year, TEDxBrum is about sharing perspectives. Yes, our speakers will help us explore and embrace their perspectives and different schools of thought, but to really start a conversation and truly relate to each other we need to gather the widest range of perspectives to hear what everyone has to say.

As Devita Davison taught us last year: nothing about us, without us, is for us

If we want to be a TEDx for Birmingham, it has to be with Birmingham. All of Birmingham.


So, what’s the plan? Over the next few months we will be building an Outreach Team who will work to engage with as many community groups and schools as possible. We will deliver a programme of workshops and presentations that explore the theme of perspectives and shine a light on ideas worth spreading. But we need your help to do this.

Could we work with you in your school or community?
Do you know an amazing group that haven't engaged with TEDxBrum before?

Nominate a community group or school here.

Would you like to deliver a presentation or facilitate a workshop?

We’d love to hear from you! You don’t need any prior experience: all you need is bags of enthusiasm, and the ability to share it. We also ask that you can commit to attending one training session on Thursday 17th August at 6.30pm - 8.30pm and facilitating at least two workshops or presentations in August and/or September. We’ll do our best to match you with your community groups at a time that works for you both. Training evenings will take place at Impact Hub Birmingham, 58 Oxford Street, Birmingham, B5 5NY.

Sign up to be a Community Champion here.

Want to be involved, but not sure if delivering presentations and workshops are for you? Don’t worry, there will be plenty of other opportunities to get involved, just keep an eye on the website and TEDxBrum's social media channels at @TEDxBrum on twitter and

Anneka Deva & Natalie Howard
TEDxBrum Outreach Team