#Perspectives Makerspace: Open Call


We're really excited with how the visual curation elements TEDxBrum are shaping up this year, including our Perspectives Zine Library and TEDxBrum² Open Call. A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed so far and we can't wait to share the spoils with you all on Sunday 15th October.

As part of the growing collection of creative interventions we're scheming away over this year, we would love to invite independent midlands makers to showcase their wares as part of a Perspectives Makerspace. With so many talented creatives making great work in this city and beyond, we consider it our duty to create the opportunity to share your work in one of Birmingham's landmark buildings; Birmingham Hippodrome.

If you’re a passionate Brummie maker who wants to celebrate and show off your independent craft / graft, please read on and tell us a little about your work for a chance to partake. We’re looking for a variety of people who have a range of goods to sell to curate a varied selection for attendees to explore on the day, so we'd love to hear from as many different mediums, styles and perspectives as possible to create a true collection of creations worth spreading.

What we can give you
A 6ft table space in Birmingham Hippodrome on Sunday 15th October.
1800 potential new customers for your work.
2 x Community Tickets to attend TEDxBrum at £10 each for you / your organisation.
Entrance to the venue to set up from 7am, ready for an 8.30am start.

What we need from you
We will not be charging a fee for stalls, or taking any commission. Simply fill in the form below to apply:

Your Name *
Your Name

Thanks for your consideration and interest in TEDxBrum, and we look forward to checking out your stuff!

Deadline for submissions: Friday 6th October.
If your application is successful we will invite you to take part no later than Monday 9th October.

Alison Baskerville
Visual Curator