Meet Your TEDxBrum #Perspectives Hosts

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With our final line-up of mind-blowing speakers and performers announced - 22 and 10 of these respectively to be exact(!) - you may be wondering how on Earth am I going to navigate all of this content? Won't my head just explode across Birmingham Hippodrome's lovely interior?

Never fear. We're delighted to announce our charming hosts for the day to keep everything running smoothly and guide you around our mammoth collection of #perspectives worth sharing. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible throughout our most ambitious TEDxBrum journey thus far, so here's a little bit about our ridiculously talented squad of hosts. Why not say hey on twitter before the big day?

Whilst some of you will recognise Zeddie & Rory from TEDxBrum 2016 - Power of Us it's fair to say they've been rather busy since then, so here's a little bit about what they're working on at the moment.

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Zeddie Lawal graduated in Drama and Theatre Arts from the University of Birmingham with at 2.1. Since arriving in Birmingham in 2013, she has generated her unique style which integrates using music and spoken word within her performance; this is demonstrated within her band Transits who have performed at Birmingham Pride and Birmingham Hippodrome.

Her ethos is creationism through escapism which essentially uses art as a mean of both a therapeutic and cathartic release. Having worked with Beatfreeks she has been able to both execute this ethos through facilitation and in her personal practice.

She has performed with Fourth Cycle Theatre Company who have performed at The Rep Birmingham and The RSC Other Place Theatre. She has been a part of The Rep Actors Foundry and worked closely with Alexander Zeldin and TAWALA studio firsts, working on her solo play Exhale which explores sexuality and religion through music, storytelling and theatre.


Rory McGhie is a community artist from Birmingham fascinated by civic space and its beneficial community impact. Rory's current focus is the often underestimated power of the coffee house: from its historic roots to its potential future, benefiting humanity as a catalyst for the next era of human enlightenment.

As an artist, Rory looks towards a broader definition of art; the experience of the individual and the innate artistry that takes place within a wholly human existence. Blending together a mixture of craft, ritual and creativity, Rory hopes to transform the landscape of Birmingham's coffee scene from capital investments to civic institutions.

He is also the Director (Arts & Social Development) of CAGED Arts - a creative education organisation supported by The Prince's Trust that support young people in developing skills through the arts by exploring hyperlocal and disruptive models of working.


We're also very excited to present Rakeem & Genelle to the stage for the first time to complete our line-up!

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Rakeem Omar is a radio presenter, podcaster, producer and writer. He is currently a presenter on his own radio show with Birmingham’s leading community radio station – Newstyle Radio 98.7 FM. Hosting his own show #InternetGeneration every Saturday between the hours of 2–4pm has enabled him to interview a whole spectrum of artists, producers and young creatives.

#InternetGeneration acts as a medium to showcase the independent and often under-represented West Midlands talent. Rakeem has had the opportunity to interview and highlight guests who have later gone on to feature on BBC Radio 1 Xtra and Link Up TV.

Rakeem is also a host on the Who Got The Juice? podcast, live streamed monthly on Newstyle Radio with the aim of highlighting those helping to create positive change in our black and brown communities. He acts not only as a co-host but also as the producer.


As a journalist and TV presenter Genelle Aldred has worked for the BBC, ITN, MailOnline, ITV and now freelances for Channel 5 News as a newsreader but has held various roles including; online journalist, documentary producer and weather presenter.

She also works as a public speaker, consultant and media trainer. Public speaking is something she inherited from both of her parents. My dad is a minster and does a lot of preaching and public speaking. That’s something I used to see all the time growing up. I gave my first public speech aged 5/6 so it’s no surprise I ended up being paid to talk.

Genelle is passionate about diversity, inclusion, empowering others and faith; these are common themes weaved into all that she does. In 2015 her first book ‘Confidence and Strength’ was published.
Outside of news and public speaking she is also a keen cook, baker and eater. She loves to read and shop, and is also a fan of a positive quote or two.


If you haven't got your tickets for TEDxBrum #Perspectives on Sunday 15th October at Birmingham Hippodrome yet, visit for all the info on how to get your hands on them.