TEDxBrum 2014 - DIY

The city is changing. Step by step. Little by little.

In 2014, TEDxBrum’s theme was DIY: “a method of building, modifying or repairing something without the aid of experts or professionals.” 

From humble beginnings in 2012, volunteers continued to grow the TEDxBrum platform themselves, working together to make DIY at Library of Birmingham the biggest event yet.

TEDxBrum has always focused on collaboration, shining a light on amazing citizens who come together to communicate ideas worth sharing. DIY was a day full of thought-provoking stories, innovations, and ideas from truly remarkable people who demonstrate what can be achieved when you decide to step forward and Do It Yourself.

The event brought together over 350 people who are planting seeds of change; an inspiring reminder that we can all be part of positive change because change starts with a single person - a single action - a single flash of inspiration - a single ‘do’.

We all know Birmingham isn’t perfect, but it’s our home. A home we are proud of. Every day we see people standing up making their voice heard and doing things differently, not accepting the status quo. Everywhere citizens are rethinking the way they live their lives, and TEDxBrum 2014 allowed us to reimagine a better Birmingham and work to build it up ourselves, step by step.

Don’t settle. Start by doing it yourself. Let’s do this together.


Take a look at some of the talks from TEDxBrum 2014 below and make sure to click the button to visit our YouTube channel to view the rest.

Actor and artisitic director Mike Tweddle explores the importance of the arts for preparing young people for all walks of life. Mike Tweddle was born and raised in Birmingham and trained as an actor, writer and director in Oxford, London and Paris. He is the co-founder of Birmingham's European theatre festival BE FESTIVAL.

Kat Sladden, senior campaigner UK, at shares lessons on how to harness the web to make a real difference in the things that matter to you. Katherine is a campaigner at, the world's largest petition platform, empowering people everywhere to start and win campaigns on issues they care about.

Since the 17th century we have organised ourselves as discrete, independent individuals and corporations and design our systems, markets and institutions around it. We now know that is a myth. Our societal challenges need a new approach. 'Indy Johar argues that the biggest revolution of the 21st century will not be our technology, but how we organise ourselves.'

One of the UK's leading thinkers and doers around reducing Gang & Serious Violence reflects on the influence of media on young people. Raymond Douglas is one of the UK's leading thinkers and "doers" around reducing gang violence. A prolific social entrepreneur he has created numerous intervention programs tackling youth conflict & violence.