Elizabeth Zeddie Lawal

Zeddie Lawal will be graduating July 2016 in Drama and Theatre Arts from the University of Birmingham. Since arriving in Birmingham in 2013, She has generated her unique style which integrates using music and spoken word within her performance. This is demonstrated within her band Transits who have recently performed at Birmingham Pride, and the Hippodrome. Her ethos is creationism through escapism which essentially uses art as a mean of both a therapeutic and cathartic release. Having worked on the powered by project with Beatfreeks she has been able to both execute this Ethos through facilitation and in her personal practice. In the last two years she has performed with Fourth Cycle Theatre Company who have performed at The Rep Birmingham and will be performing at the EDACS festival in The RSC Other Place Theatre. In the last 6 months she has been apart of The Rep Actors Foundry, and working closely with Alexander Zeldin has transformed the way we use art to enforce growth within the community and the wider audience.  

Twitter: @ZeddieStage


Rory McGhie

Rory McGhie is a Community Artist based in Birmingham. As a workshop facilitator and Community Artist Rory works in community and educational settings with an inclusive and participant centred approach. He is continuously delivering projects including workshops in SEN schools across the Midlands, bespoke sessions for theatre schools and University seminars. As well as community work, Rory is an avid coffee enthusiast and Barista. Working in independent coffee shops and work spaces all over the city, Rory's love of coffee has quickly extended into a study of coffee as a force for social reform.

Twitter: @RoryMcGhie


Katrice Horsley

Katrice Horsely is passionate about communication and narrative. She is the former National Storytelling Laureate (2012-2014) and works internationally using story in development, education and as a tool to effect change. She has designed and delivered training for UNICEF, UNHCR, British Council and many others. She was speech impaired as a child and became a selective mute, struggling with silencing shyness. She now aspires to give voice to those whose stories are not told.

Twitter: @KatriceHorsley