Marking The Map

TEDxBrum 2013 -Marking The Map

How will you Mark the Map?

TEDxBrum grew in its second year, presenting a dynamic line-up of talks and performances to 350 attendees at Millennium Point. The day was really about marking the map with the best of what Birmingham has to offer in an open and collaborative way.

The world-famous TED strapline is ‘ideas worth spreading’, but what are ideas without actions? Attendees took away ideas from those featured on stage and conversations with fellow guests, securing TEDxBrum as a catalyst for how we might take action and make our mark on the map together.


"In the UK alone there are 62,641,000 people, in the whole wide world there are 7,038,044,500. The average person has 3 close friends and 19 "mates" so take that off and you are still left with seven billion thirty-eight million forty-four thousand four hundred and seventy eight strangers.

Born and raised in Birmingham, Steven Camden (aka Polarbear) is one of the most respected spoken word artists in the UK, with a reputation as a storyteller for the 21st century. Polarbear's work has featured on BBC Radio 1,3, 4 and 6 and he has performed around the world from Kuala Lumpar to Poland to California.

Jamie is passionate about education and working with leaders who are serious about making a difference. Jamie has more than 20 years experience of enabling change in education specialising in strategy, innovation and technology enabled learning. He believes that through building new socially collaborative ways of working, enabled through technology, organisations can unlock the potential of people.

Wanjiku's work is rooted in people and their creative self-expression. She currently combines being an independent producer, coach and facilitator with clinical practice as a Gestalt Psychotherapist and being an Associate at Ashridge Business School. A writer Wanjiku was formerly a NESTA Innovation Fellow on the Clore Leadership Programme and she holds Masters Degrees in economics.