Power of Us

TEDxBrum 2016 - Power of Us

There is no ‘us and them’ any more, it’s just us.

All of us.

Birmingham is an ‘us’ – one of incredible institutions, organisations, people, projects and ideas happening across the city – but how might we pioneer a better city together?

Locally and globally, we are now interconnected in more ways than we can imagine. Together, we have the power to do more than ever before. It’s time to break down the walls and connect across public, private and civic sectors in order to build a city we can be proud of.

Join us for 2016’s biggest, brightest and boldest ever TEDxBrum event, where we'll explore how we can share skills, ideas and resources to unleash the #PowerOfUs.


Take a look at some of the talks from TEDxBrum 2016 below and make sure to click the button to visit our YouTube channel to view the rest.

A city characterised by paradox, Devita Davison unpicks the narrative that Detroit, Michigan is reviving itself. With many residents living closer to fast food restaurants than grocery stores, the people of the city are creating a counter narrative to problems in the food system; a powerful form of collective resistance against a broader injustice.

Jayne is founder and CEO of The Blurt Foundation, providing peer support for those with depression and their loved ones too. Her campaign #WhatYouDontSee swept social media earlier this year as part of Depression Awareness Week and is still fuelling on-going conversations, inviting people to share the realities of living with depression and challenge the stigma surrounding it.

Researchers at the University of Birmingham, Alberto Vecchio & Andreas Freise, set out to observe gravitational waves in order to prove or disprove Einstein's theory of general relativity. Whilst previously shelved as purely a product of mathematics, Alberto explains that "the fascinating thing about good ideas is they start spreading, even without you."
What if it was possible to actually shape the economy, not just be part of it? The biggest challenges we face will impact on businesses, communities and individuals alike, and none of us can solve them alone.