Ade Adewunmi


Ade Adewunmi

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Ade Adewunmi is a problem solver, working at the intersection of data, product delivery and strategy. As Industry Consultant at Think Big Analytics (part of Teradata) and formerly, Head of Data Infrastructure at Government Digital Service, Ade has worked in technology for most of her career in both public and private sector roles. She's fascinated by the relationship between technology and culture formation, whether that is within organisations or broader society, so when she can, she writes about it.

In 2015 she delivered a talk about how ‘The Strategy is Delivery’; which discussed team culture that is focused around digital delivery; at The Code for America Summit - an annual 3-day conference bringing together civic technology leaders, community organisers, and government staff and officials who are working to develop the tools and practices of 21st century government. She is also interested in the political and socio-economic implications of the disruption wreaked by technology and spoke about ‘The Importance of Watching TV’ at Russell Davies Interesting conference in 2016. Ade also sits on the board for TechForGood and Youth For Christ and is a governor for a school in East London.


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"Technological disruption impacts the fabric of society on multiple levels and in nonlinear ways. This makes it hard to join the dots and make sense of it. It’s not always obvious how the same technology is simultaneously driving benefits in one sphere and negative outcomes in another, or the full extent to which it is doing either."