Gillian Leno


Gillian Leno

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Gillian Leno is a specialist sex and relationships educator, writer, advocate and researcher. She is privileged to work with teenagers and young adults who have a wide range of complex learning and physical disabilities, sensory impairment, and autism spectrum conditions. She’s especially interested in teaching about pleasure, intimacy and communication; meaningful and inclusive sex and relationships education helps support equality and autonomy, as well as consent, compassion and self-esteem. Her aim is to ensure that everyone has access to evidence based information about sex, relationships and consent, in a way that makes sense to them.

When she’s not teaching students, she works on creating resources and delivery methods that support understanding and build capacity, and trains other professionals to collaborate in and develop this work. Gillian is based at Queen Alexandra College in Birmingham, where she is PSHE Lead. She works in partnership with BILD, acts as a forum expert for Scope, is a member of SHADA and is also part of the Supported Loving network.
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"My special interests are teaching about pleasure, and preventing and managing sexually harmful behaviour. I am passionate about inclusion, and developing accessible and relevant resources and delivery so that nobody is left behind. I'm a safeguarding designate and base all my work on a foundation of ensuring that the people I work with have information that they can make real use of to make positive choices and decisions about their bodies, sexual health and relationships for themselves."